Dear Sir,

Subject : It is not mandatory for Engineers and Electro Technical Officers to appear for High Voltage Course

A meeting was held on 24 May, 2017, at Directorate General of Shipping, alongwith Chief Surveyor and other stakeholders. It was agreed upon that the Directorate will issue a circular stating that it is not mandatory for all Engineers and Electro Technical Officers to appear for High Voltage Course.

The Maritime Union of India (MUI) has been contacted by a number of officers inquiring about final clarity on the High Voltage Course being non mandatory for all engineers. MUI has followed up with the DGS office to issue such a circular, to clarify once and for all that
unless an such an Officer opts to sail on vessels which operate equipment above 1000 volts, it is not mandatory to appear for the High Voltage Course.

We are attaching response from the Directorate General of Shipping, which provides clarification in the matter for all stakeholders.
Hence, through this email MUI would like to bring clarity to this issue, for all stakeholders, IN PARTICULAR OUR SEAFARER OFFICERS and prevent unnecessary expenses, efforts and wastage of time of Officers.

MUI assures one and all that we will do our best to ensure welfare of all Officers and mutually work together with the industry to resolve issues.

MUI thanks you in anticipation for your efforts.

Best Regards

Amar Singh Thakur
General Secretary

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To: 'The Maritime Union of India'; 'DG SHIPPING'
Cc:;; 'achintyabikash dutta'

Good morning Mr. Thakur ..

A very warm greetings from the Directorate… thanks a lot for your mail.

With reference to your same mail I am directed to inform you to please refer to the Engineering circular Corrigendum 2 of Circular No. 134 of 2017 (F. No: - ENG/MISC-29(7)12016 Dated: 0510512017) wherein the extension for not doing the “ High Voltage Safety & Switch Gear Course “ has been further extended up to 01 July 2018 based on the recommendations received from the stake-holders. It is very clear from the circular that the existing Engineers on board do not require to undergo such course unless and until he sails on a ship which is having equipment operates with more than 1000 Volts.

Kindly pass the message to all the concerned seafarers for their benefit. A review on the same will be carried out in the Directorate in consultations of the stake-holders in the beginning of 2018 for further necessary actions.

This issues with the approval of the Chief Surveyor with GOI.

With Rgds/Dutta

From the Directorate.